Sammy the Sea Lion

 Sammy the Sea Lion
By: Madison Bowers 13- Toronto, Canada

Sammy the Sea Lion is my name
I live at the Bonneville Dam
My family was hungry, that's why we came
Now they want us to scram

Big men make loud noises around me
they put food in traps that make me curious
We only eat salmon because we are hungry
but it makes the men furious

We never eat more than we really need
We were always taught to share
there were lots of fish but men with hooks made them bleed
Now the men take all of them, they just don't care

They took 4 of my friends away from me
I really miss them a lot
I asked my mom where could they be?
Through her tears, she told me they were shot

Today they took my brother and made him cry
They burned numbers in his side
They hurt him so badly I don't know why
We are scared and have nowhere to hide

Please help us, we have a right to live
show the men there is a better way
give us a chance, we have so much to give
Help us live another day

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